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My wife, Nancy Hemstad Seaton, is also an artist and creates beautiful watercolors and mosaics. You can see some of her work here.

Hungry Jack Outfitters is my other job.

Michael Monroe is a great musician and friend. He owns four Seaton Guitars.

The Guild of American Luthiers is a great resource.

Harry Fleishman is another builder who thinks outside the box and helped me to follow the dream.

Boaz Elkayam is the keeper of the flames for Kasha design.

Chris Jenkins is a vet/luthier and canoe client at HJO.

Charley Hoffman builds great guitars in Minneapolis and made the fretboard for my first guitar 30 years ago. - Is a window into my neighborhood

Jeffrey Frey Photography - Jeff took most of the studio shots on this site

Layne Kennedy - Took the portrait of me and is a good friend, avid paddler, and turns great bowls.

K&K Pickups - This is the pickup I install most often.

Highlander Pickups - The best under saddle pickup I've found.

Harebells by Nancy Seaton

David Seaton paddling near home - Hungry Jack Outfitters and Seaton Guitars

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