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The realization of dreams in wood and sound

I try to build a guitar that entices the player to reach out and play it. I give them a guitar that is comfortable, easy to play and a joy for the eye. Subtle angles, organic curves and careful positioning within the simple shapes make it feel right to the player. The player is able to create sounds from a larger palette and hears more of the music they create. When I see the expression on a musician's face after playing a few notes on the completed guitar, I know I have realized the dream.

I believe there is more than one guitar voice that can be beautiful and musically useful. Others seem to agree. My guitars have evolved in many ways from the standard icon models allowing them to have a broader range of voice and cover a wider tonal palette.

My best guitars have been collaborations with musicians and I enjoy helping to realize their dreams too. There is a design framework and an aesthetic I work within. I'm not a copyist and have no interest in making a "my version" of the old standards. I'm just following the dream and it'll be interesting to see where it leads me.

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