About Seaton Guitars

Building and repairing instruments has been part of my life for over 40 years. My love for the woods of Northern Minnesota has been my passion just as long. Being in the forest is where I feel most comfortable and at home. Being in my shop, working at the bench is where I feel most satisfied.  Combining the two is what you see in my work. I’m not a great musician but play enough to know a great guitar, what makes it tick and how to get it there. Hearing others make great music with instruments I’ve created or worked on is enough for me.

Living at the edge of the edge of the wilderness for over 30 years and being surrounded by the natural world every day informs all of my work. Natural things are beautiful to me and being able to create instruments that include those elements and make beautiful music too is a joy.

Nancy and I live on Hungry Jack Lake at the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. In the summer months we operate a canoe outfitting business and rent cabins to travelers visiting our area. We’ve raised two young men here who are better musicians than I and have dabbled in my shop over the years. Nancy studied art and works in fused glass. She keeps me centered. We get to have part of both worlds in our lives, six months at a time, and for that we are very grateful.