My original designs are the result of a clean sheet of paper with six strings on it, asking why, why not and what if. They are comfortable to hold, pleasing to see and easy to play. The sound is all that you need and hopefully more. There are several sizes and variations from a ¾ size tenor to a full throated baritone and several sizes of standard tuned guitars in steel string, nylon and hybrid strings. Possibilities abound.

Over the last 15 years I’ve done mainly custom work. This has left some of the ideas I’d like to pursue unexplored. Going forward I intend to build more instruments of my choice and have them for sale here.

Maple Capriccio

Custom classical nylon string


Classical nylon string


Steel string standard

Autumn Wind



Custom electric mandolin


Steel string standard

Sweet Caroline

Custom steel string


Custom steel string


Custom hybrid string


Custom steel string

Maple Sugar

Custom steel string


These guitars are based on iconic designs combined with a variety of features unique to Seaton Guitars.

RW Parlor

Steel string guitar


Parlor Custom


Ukes are fun. I build a very traditional tenor ukulele made entirely from local wood to a more modern approach to ukulele building with all the stops pulled out.

JFF (Just for fun)

Don’t take life, or yourself, too seriously. I don’t. These are just for fun but are serious instruments in their own right.

Currently available

Contact me if you are interested in any of these instruments.