Lanourra is a custom parlor sized guitar made entirely from local woods – I cut the trees.   She has curly black ash back, sides and neck which came from my back lot, and a curly maple bridge, headstock overlay and fingerboard salvaged from a firewood sale just down the North Shore from Grand Marais, MN.  The sound board is from a massive white spruce which was killed by a forest fire in our neighborhood.  The tree stood for seven years before I cut and aged it for another two years.  The grain is wider than most commercial woods but it is light and lively and perfectly quartered. 

The finish in a satin ebonized effect which has a marvelous touch.  The binding, pick guard and rosette are light tortoise celluloid as are the bridge pins.  The scale length is 25″ and the neck is 1.80″ at the nut.  It’s a lovely fingerstyle guitar, bluesy and built for hangin’ out on the couch or jammin’ with a friend.  This one lives in Hawaii but I’m happy to make another.

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